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El Haqq Interviews Albany's Hottest Rap Duo 3rd Degree

I recently conducted a brief interview with two of Albany GA's hottest rappers & producers Ka-Flame & Spade-Phlame. If you're a fan of their music and beats, check out this interview to get a more in depth look at how they each started out in music and eventually came together as a team to form the powerful southern heat combo 3rd Degree! If you haven't heard of them as of yet, be sure to check out all of the music, mixtapes, and videos available from these music industry vets~ (FYI fans of UGK, 8 Ball & MJG, Field Mob & Outkast, will love 3rd Degree!)

El Haqq: Hi Guy's Introduce yourselves, tell everyone your birth names, your rap names and what they mean, where you were born & raised, and where you have lived ect...

SPADE-PHLAME: Albany , Ga.. I lived in Norfolk Va for a short time in 2002. My birth name is Author Washington and as far as the name Spade- comparing cards to people, spades are the highest ranked cards in many card games and phlame (flame) because I'm different and Hot!

KA-FLAME:  Michael Parker...I was born in Albany Ga...and was raised on the Southside of the city...I go by the stage name Ka-Flame...pronounced as K-flame...the "A" is silent and the first 2 letters of the name means "Kritically acclaimed" and the flame part is self-explanatory

El Haqq: How long have you been rapping? How did you get started and when did you get serious?

SPADE-PHLAME: I've been rapping for 15 yrs..I started in Middle School when my partner Ka-Flame started passing me raps he wrote in class cause he thought I was rapping and I got serious around 2001-2002 when we started putting songs on CD.

KA-FLAME: I've been rapping for 15 yrs now..also producing/engineering my own music for 9 yrs..I was heavily into the late Tupac Shakur the most...If it wasn't for listening to his music and others such as Scarface, and Outkast...I don't think i would be as interested in music as much as i am today...I started rapping at the age of 13...fooled around with it for a couple years but when i turned 17, i realized I actually had the potential to be great at i kept at it...until I perfected my craft enough to record and make songs people could actually relate to.

El Haqq: Since you mentioned Tupac, Scarface, & Outkast as an inspiration, who and what are some of your other influences or motivations in life that drive you to do this music?

SPADE-PHLAME:  I'm influenced by what I see and feel cause that's what I rap about.. and I'm into anyone who makes great music from the stars to the unheard of people...and I'm mostly motivated by the people that enjoy and relate to the music I make.

KA-FLAME:  People that motivate me the most are the down'talkers...the ones who doubt me...i love proving to myself and to them, that i can overcome the obstacles...Some of them said that I couldn't put out an album as quickly as other i started doing albums in the span of every 3 months...sometimes doing double disc albums with over 39 songs on the album. I have 27 solo projects...Highly Over'Hated” vol.1 & my latest project...and yes it is a double disc album, i just released in March of 2011....I'm already working on my 28th project now...titled Torch'a Chamber.

El Haqq: So what about you Spade..have you done any solo albums and do you have any singles or songs that have created a huge local or regional buzz that you would like to mention?

SPADE-PHLAME: yeah.. I've done 6 or 7 solo albums/mixtapes and about 10 or more group albums/mixtapes.. I also make beats and come up wit my own lyrics but I don't write.. I just record it as I think of it.. I record and mix my own music. Right now we just shot a video for my single Yeah and I've done big songs like Turn Georga Blue with Kno Gud and Big Nod I also produced the regional hits Motorcycle and Pac Man that featured Fabo of d4l.

El Haqq: So what about live shows, do you guys perform often?

SPADE-PHLAME & KA-FLAME: yeah.. we've done countless shows in SouthWest Ga and ATL, all kinds of places..mostly night clubs

El Haqq: Oh Ok.. Tell me a little bit about your style as far as flow and subject matter

SPADE-PHLAME: My style is an aggressive mid-tempo southern flow and my subject matter is truly that of which I live..I can rap about anything.

KA-FLAME: As far as my subject matter goes...I talk about things i seen while growing up, life and how i see it, and i also have songs i like to just show off my skills...and i love making songs for the ladies....they seem to appreciate the music of that sense more than others. 

El Haqq: Alright Fellas that's what's up and thanks for your time.. I know you two are busy men so I'll let you get back to your work... Any last comments you guys would like to make about your new mixtape Hall Of Flames, your goals and future plans for the music industry or any songs on the radio you want the people to look out for..

SPADE-PHLAME: yeah..the new project is the truth!..there's a lot of real music that people have been missing out on..we plan to take over the underground music market in SouthWest Ga and then expand from there..

KA-FLAME:  yeah... hopefully take over the scene of rap and provide these people with alot of good music...i don't want or ask for much in return...just acknowledgement..and of course some money would be ...but as far as singles go i have a song titled Kissin U on the radio station...96.3 wjiz of Albany stay tuned and get to know us through  our music...I can guarantee its something on our albums you can relate to in some way, shape, or form...

--Ka-Flame-- Spade-Phlame--Street Dreams Music group