In Session With SwishaMan Slim

Class is in session with SwishaMan Slim; the fresh new sound of the south!  Listen closely and you can hear a young Andre Benjamin evolving 3000 with a splash of Field Mob and the early days of Ludacris.  His mixtape "Welcome To High School" is a mixture of new millennium commercial appeal, fundamental hip hop schematics, humor & fun.  He combines his mastery of dialect in down south lingo with his humble ability to relate to the people on a broad spectrum that is both down to earth yet space age and out of this world!  Although he is not your typical artist that is following some blueprint of the everyday cliché rap star that is being perpetrated around the world, SwishaMan embodies the luminous flare, charisma, and vibrant personality to be a top contender with any mainstream artist on the music circuit today.  When you listen to "Welcome To High School" it's obvious this product has a double meaning with instructions & special emphasis on the word "High" and also that SwishaMan Slim is quite the animated character who likes to show the public how to have a good time! It ain't hard to tell that he is intent on doing his thing (big city big times ten) while maintaining the connectivity of small town intimacy.  He also drops a few gems and subtle insights into his true mind frame and how he really feels about materialism, money and life as well!! Check him out on his website and feel free to stream and download "Welcome To Hight School" on datpiff. My personal picks are track #25 ( his rendition of "I just died in your arms tonight") & track #6 ( 36 0's ) also check the snippet of his new single "Super Bowl Big" track #28. Enjoy~