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Kajmir Royale Ft Cnoteshce (The System)


If you haven't seen the video for The System.. shame on you, but don't fret cause mytruthcamp is here to keep you updated on what's hot! I'm really impressed with this conscious banger that Kajmir Royale & Cnoteshce have dropped on the world right about now. This is some straight fiyah heat from the rocky mountain state where independent cinema meets hip hop everyday. Colorado's on the map and blowin up with innovative thinkers and collaborative minds. It's only a matter of time before the rest of the industry catches up and gets on board with the Colorado movement and all of the great material coming out of the box state. This track shows that the rockies got some true hip hop intellectuals who not only know who they are, but they also know how to think outside of the box and spread the message to the masses in a polished up presentation of good music!


The System can be found on Kajmir Royale's mixtape Internet Entrepreneur 2.0. The video, directed by Kass The Writer, has a "To Be Continued" mystery filled plot and also features cameo appearances by Plae & IMarvel just  to name a few very well known Colorado faces among others. Check out this exclusive behind the scenes making of the video footage.