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Love Awakening Campaign

"XMG along with SoRewarding are proud to announce the LOVE AWAKENING campaign.

What is it? Cnoteshce Prospect crafted a song featuring Jo-Lynn, The World Famous Tony Williams, Coles Whalen and Steven Huckaby of Inelements.

The song, Love Awakening, details strife around the world and calls for us to change the way view these happenings. We should see struggle as an opportunity to love and spread love rather than an opportunity to judge.

What does this mean? We have T-Shirts, and of course the song, available for sale via

. Go there, purchase either, and then select from a growing list of 150+ non-profits around the country that you'd like to contribute to. It's your choice what cause you'd like to give to.

If you're a part of or close to a non-profit, you can register your org. via.
to become a potential beneficiary of this campaign.

"It's time to change the way we eat. It's time to change the way we live. It's time to change the way we treat each other" - 2Pac

We want to make an impact but we're not going to do so without the help of all of you.

If you feel this is something you'd like to support, share this status, buy the song, buy a t-shirt or simply tell someone else about it.

In 45 days, we want to give away $250,000.

It's time for the Love Awakening."