Mara Hruby: Take Off Your Cool & Sartorial Sounds

When I first stumbled across Mara Hruby, I could see the "wow" in her voice immediately. Those smooth undertones of sub-conscious zones reflect wonderfully overt wonder. Her Image possess a subtle presence of elegance that hasn't been seen since Sade. It's easy to see that her sound is genetically woven in the awe invoking patterns of rhythmic DNA that is uniquely her own. Her creative tone agrees with the soul to the point where she can remake just about any song and make it sound like a very necessary addition to the planetary alignment of the consciousness in music without ever compromising the original author's vision. Check out he EP of cover tunes appropriately entitled "From Her Eyes" and her contribution to the Sartorial Sounds project. She is the ultimate compliment to the future hip hop & organic soul.

"Is This Love"


Sartorial Sounds "Take Off Your Cool"