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Nigel Sylvester All Day Sessions

Seeing as how we here at Truth Camp are also in the video business via Cnoteshce Media, we appreciate the craft and are always on the look out to acknowledge dope cinematography, documentaries, and all sorts of videos across the web. With that being said, peep this, The All Day Sessions with Nigel Sylvester the Pro BMX Street Rider! I like the way Glenn PP Milligan captured these visuals of Nigel bombing hills, doing tricks, and overall just riding through the city enjoying his life. Must be nice! It looks like a lot of fun and Nigel prefers the free ride street sessions over orthodox competitions. The soundtrack features 2mph by Dom Kennedy ft Big K.R.I.T, Just Touched Down by Big K.R.I.T and Get Gnarley & We Up by Tyga. Check out this 3 part series from Gatorade as they follow him through The Bay, New Orleans , Miami, etc etc. You can find more of his journeys on the Gatorade BMX Channel