Mara Hruby: Take Off Your Cool & Sartorial Sounds


When I firsts stumbled across Mara Hruby, I could see the "wow" in her voice immediately. Those smooth undertones of sub-conscious zones reflect wonderfully overt wonder. Her image possess a subtle presence of elegance that hasn't been seen since Sade. It's easy to see that her sound is genetically woven in the awe invoking patterns of rhythmic DNA that is...


4 Letter Lie (L.O.V.E) Rocks!


"Truth, Knowledge, & Wisdom" the new mixtape by Carol Christian is a vastly innovative package of versatility and vocal showmanship. This is where you can find her explosively daring hip-rock banger entitled "4 Letter Lie"! This track is progressive in thought and definitely shows off her..


Axis On My Own Flight


Just thought I would take some time out to review "On My Own Flight" the latest release from Axis Of Real Talk Inc. A well known producer for many major industry artist and independents alike, Axis is also a prime candidate for lyrical greatness. "On My Own Flight" is a masterpiece...