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The Cannabinoids, The Beat Tape VOL.2

Finally got a chance to sit back and check out some Cannabinoids material. Their Beat Tape Vol 2 is actually my first real listen...and seeing as i love a good psychedelic beat surely won't be my last. It's always a pleasure to see talented creators branch out and explore alternative realms of expression. I gotta go back and feast on Vol 1 at my earliest convenience...innovative ingenuity at it's finest... 8 laptops, 3 turntables, 6 keyboards, 4 drum machines, a Theremin, and live onstage production. Consisting of Jah Born, Erykah Badu, DJ Big Texas, RC Williams, Symbolyc One, Rob Free, Picnic, A1, and Cleon Edwards "The project was originally conceived when Erykah Badu sought to manifest live musical improvisation utilizing the tools of studio tracking and hip-hop production. Inspired by her cosmic collaborations for her award-winning New Amerykah, Part I album release in 2008, Erykah reached out to musicians, DJs, and beatsmiths from her hometown of Dallas, Texas, whom she felt would be able to vibe with the concept. The musical concept was improvisation, and has developed into a live “remix” set. The ideological concept was akin to the studies done on cannabinoid receptors, which identified specific proteins present in the brain that are responsible for the euphoric effects of cannabis. With each member of the group assigned a specific cannabinoid (musical role), the receptors proceed to serve as a catalyst to inspire creation in each other, and to collectively create a psychedelic, live hip-hop experience for the audience." Enjoy~