Check Travel Gang's official music video for Jacuzzi Love starring models Lexi Sharp, Breanna Montanarello, Aj Singletary, Karen Angelica, & model/singer Devin (of the Devin & Noble Show)... 



From the forthcoming Travel Gang EP, Cnoteshce, Mr Malcolm & Darae LaTour go all in on what really matters in the media vs the reality of the Mind's Eye (Directed by J Angel Visuals).....


Keeping the content current and consistent, Noble Bey back at it once again >>> "on the go like an athlete, running with the team like a mutha fu*kin track meet" >>> ...


Reminiscent on the past while trailblazing through the moment and fast fwd to the future, Cnoteshce drops heat on this undeniably hard reflective banger and simply well stated industry driven retrospect type release. Mixed with innuendos of nostalgia and brief glimpses into the life and times of Noble Cnoteshce on his independent grind, this track is all about acknowledging....


Travel Gang dropped the Official Music Video for Mr Malcolm's break out show stunna track Gettin Money aka whooaaaooOO!! Filmed by Jordan Johnson & co-directed by the squad for JAngel Visuals, Getting Money is available now on Mr Malcolm's...

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